This four-week series is for those looking to begin or deepen a meditation practice.
Each session will be 90 minutes and include practical meditation techniques, breath work and guided meditations.
The intention of this course is to provide you with a deeper understanding of meditation, practical and meaningful techniques – giving you the skills necessary to develop a consistent meditation practice.
Bolsters and blocks are provided. If you prefer a meditation pillow feel free to bring one. Please wear warm comfortable clothing and if you tend to get cold, bring a blanket or wrap. *It is encouraged to register for all four sessions, but drop-ins are welcome.

Week One Finding Your Seat: The body & meditation postures

Week Two Finding Your Breath: Breathing practices & their importance

Week Three Managing Your Monkey Mind: The mind & concentration

Week Four Stillness: Finding your stillness within

$99/Entire Course $30/Session

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