Our recommendations ultimately rely on what you are personally looking for in a class – but our suggestions here should help you to get started.
Everyone from athletes to not fit at all seems to love Yin/Yang and Hatha Foundation. It’s a great way to either begin or to take your practice deeper!

If you are fit already we would suggest trying our Ashtanga, any Warm Flow or Yoga Flow class (Rise & Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Strong & Slow or Lunch Flow). Advanced Asana is an intermediate class for which we recommend at least one year of practice before attending.

If you are looking to get fit right away but aren’t incredibly fit to start with we would suggest jumping into any class except Ashtanga or Advanced Asana.

Looking to relax and get deeper within rather than being so physical? Try any of our Warm Yin/Restorative, Gentle Flow, Yoga Nidra or Yin.

*For more information on our class styles please visit the class descriptions page.

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To see results, we recommend visiting a minimum of twice per week to see increased strength, flexibility and decreased stress. The more the better, but don’t over-do it! Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle by supplementing your diet with healthy choices and make sure you keep hydrated. If you’re on the fence, check out some of the benefits of yoga below:

  • Stress reduction. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.
  • Improved fitness. Practicing yoga can lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. And this means you’re less likely to injure yourself in other physical endeavors or in your daily activities.
  • Management of chronic conditions. Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.


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