Q: Do you have yoga mats for rent?

A: Yes we do! They are $1/class

Q: Do you have shower towels for rent?

A: We have those too! They are $2/class

Q: Do you have a towel I can use in the studio?

A: Yup – they’re $1/class

Q: I can’t sign up online – is the class full?

A: – If it’s less than an hour before class, please note that we do not take reservations online however you can still drop into the class

-If you’re on autopay, please take note of what your payment dates are as we do not allow online reservations further in advance than your next payment date.

-If the class is showing waitlist only, it is full. We still recommend signing up onto the waitlist in the event that someone does not show up, as we will give away their spot 5 minutes before class start time

Q: If I’m running late, can I sneak into the class?

A: Unless you have spoken specifically with the teacher before class, we cannot allow latecomers into the class after it has started. It is distracting to both the teacher and the rest of the class.

Q: Can I bring water into the class?

A: Most definitely! We know those hot classes can make you thirsty so you are welcome to bring in your own sealable water bottle into class. We ask that you please leave our tea mugs in the reception area.

Q: How hot is your warm class?

A: Depending on class size, the temperature can vary by a degree or so, however we keep the room about 32°C

Q: How late can I cancel my online reservation for class?

A: You can early cancel without any penalty one hour or more before class. If you cancel within an hour of class start time, your account will be continue to be charged for missing the class.

Q: Can I call the studio to cancel my online yoga class reservation?

A: No. Due to the nature of the software system being used and for our record keeping, we cannot early cancel your online reservations for you. Please log in to your account and cancel the class from the schedule under your account information.

Q: Do I need to register online for classes or can I do that at the studio?

A: While many find it easier to register and make reservations online, you can definitely still register and drop in to classes the old fashioned way by dropping into the studio. We’d love to see you!

Q: Can I drop in to registered classes?

A: While the pricing will not be as beneficial as purchasing an entire registered class package, you are welcome to do so for $25/class.

Q: How do I get to the studio?

A: You can enter the building by the main doors to the left of Kuchen Custom Kitchens. Once inside, you have two options:
Faster route – take a right and through the doors with our logo on it and go up a set of stairs, or
Slower route – go straight to the elevator, choose the Mezzanine level, and then take a left out of the vestibule. This will take you out into the parkade where you will see the entrance to the studio on your right.

Q: Do we have ‘warm’ classes and which ones are they?

A: Yes we do! They’re the classes that have Warm in the title. Ie. Warm Yin/Restorative, Warm Flow

Q: When is your next class?

A: Please check the schedule available on our website. It is always updated with the latest and most current information.

Q: When is the best time to drop in to look at your retail products?

A: Before and after class times any day of the week is a good bet, otherwise you’re pretty much guaranteed to find someone at the studio from Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Please call if you plan on coming outside of these times to confirm if the studio will be open.

Q: Do you have parking on site?

A: Yes we do – there is a parkade in the same building as us, and it’s only $2.50/class to park in. Simply write down your license plate at the studio’s front desk and we will validate it with Impark for you. We are on level P3 once you have entered the parkade.

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