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Jamie’s Preschool is for preschool and older children who require an environment with reduced exposure to childhood communicable illnesses. Children receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation suffer the same immune compromising effects that adults experience. It is imperative to reduce their exposure to the common illnesses found in other nursery schools because of their lowered immunity.

This special school is a way for these children to have social interaction with other children without the danger of exposure to the illnesses present in other schools. Rather than a life of back and forth between home and hospital, children with cancer can safely play and learn in a controlled environment. It is hoped that this normal experience will allow kids with a history of cancer to return to society without the side effects of having been isolated while ill.

During cancer treatment, a bond between parents and child often becomes so strong that both are afraid to separate. We welcome parents to stay at the school, and can always use their help. However, the healthy developmental milestones of preschoolers are met by children with cancer who attend Jamie’s Preschool and they are quick to let their parents know they feel safe there.

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