Thanks for the fun!

Dear staff at Yoga Santosha: I wanted to sincerely thank you all for your instruction during the course of my one month pass. While visiting from Houston, TX and was able to attend 16 classes in that time. I tried new styles of yoga, and went beyond my normal exposure under your professional guidance. I truly appreciated being able to share the time with you. Clearly I got my value from the pass, but furthermore I enjoyed every class with the individual personality of each instructor bringing something unique to the experience. Kind regards and namasteJill Munk

I love Yoga Santosha

I love Yoga Santosha and feel that it’s my safe place, a place where I can learn, explore, experience and grow. Through my own practice and support of your studio I have been inspired to continue this journey towards teaching, sharing and hopefully inspiring others.Leanne Shannon

Last month a yoga studio changed my life...

I need to tell you how much I enjoy practicing yoga at this studio. All the teachers are so lovely and have helped me to reignite my passion for yoga again. This studio and the people in it are amazing and I’m grateful for having found you guys.Ania Wolska

Beautiful serene space

Thank you so much for a wonderful year of Yoga, positive energy, warm smiles, and fellowship in a beautiful serene space. I so look forward to my yoga sessions and the peace that Yoga Santosha has brought in to my life. I appreciate all that is offered to us at Yoga Santosha!Bonnie Field

A gem

Yoga Santosha is a nest of relaxation and calmness. One’s needs (yoga or otherwise) are the top priority of this well-organized and friendly studio. A gem.Jackie Chemelli

An oasis

Such a beautiful space to practice in – an oasis really. 🙂Tamara Roberts

The space itself is pure bliss

I came to Santosha as a former student of Candace and Alastair’s studio in Canmore, where I fell in love with yoga. After attending many incredible studios in Calgary I as well as many of my yoga friends have found our home at Santosha. The energy within the studio from the moment you walk in is matched only by the talent of the many diverse teachers who share their love of the practice with their students. The space itself is pure bliss from the wood floors to the spacious showers. I could go on and tell you about the great management and service you receive from the staff but go in a see for yourself!!Amber Lynn

A peaceful, relaxing and soothing environment

A peaceful, relaxing and soothing environment. Stretched our bodies and our minds. Highly recommended.Lin Whaley

A sanctuary

Yoga Santosha has become a sanctuary for me. The wonderful instructors and meditative atmosphere keep me coming back month after month.Rachel Small

Much lovin

….Santosha. I is in love 🙂 Teachers, karma staff, Candace, and Alastair make me feel so at home ~ twas was my first yoga experience coming to Calgary 2 years ago, and one of the many reasons I stayed!! Much lovin.Cheryl Korneychuk-Waddy

Enjoy every class

I have been doing Yoga classes at Yoga Santosha for a few months now and enjoy every class! The instructors are informed and gracious to all.Tracey Metcalfe

Know that I do appreciate you all!

Yoga Santosha is the one place I know I should spend more time at because I always enjoy it when I do and it usually makes me feel pretty good. The best part of the experience, apart from the beautiful studio, is the people. The instructors are kind and patient (which is very important for me) and always willing to help out if need be. Though you may not see me very often, know that I do appreciate you all.Aaron Korneychuk

Amazing teachers

I was looking for a beginner yoga class, as I had never practiced yoga before aside from a few classes at the gym. I found Yoga Santosha’s Intro to Yoga a year ago, and discovered that there is so much more to yoga than I imagined. As a beginner, I’m so grateful for the amazing teachers at Yoga Santosha for sharing their knowledge and experience, and making me feel welcome. Even though I have a long way to go in my yoga journey, they make me feel like it is possible. Every week I feel a little bit stronger, find a little more balance, and can do a little bit more than I could before. I learn something new in every class, and am truly thankful to Yoga Santohsa for introducing me to yoga and inspiring me to continue practicing.Marja Van Dyke

Such a welcoming and nurturing place

The studio you have developed together is such an amazing gift for me and I’m sure in all who come to Yoga Santosha. I have loved every minute of it. It is such a welcoming and nurturing place. I wish you all the very best. I will see you all from time to time when I am back in Calgary. I hope your studio continues to grow and prosper – you deserve every success. Thank you so much.Pam Thompson

Great atmosphere and lessons!

I’d definitely recommend this studio no matter which level you are. The very spacious studio is nice and comfortable, even feels holy. The instructors are professional and friendly. I’ve been trying it out on the 2-week unlimited for new comers for $29,which I reckon quite reasonable considering its quality. In fact, I took a class at another studio as a drop-in today so that I can compare and decide which one suits my need better, however, I decided to go on with Santosha as soon as I walked into the class, which I remained quite unsatisfied with due to the inadequacy of comfort and professionalism of the instructor. Santosha, in many ways would be one of the most dedicated Yoga studios around. One of the owners, Alastair is also a very pleasant person to ask questions. Highly recommended.Maki

Inspired me...

I was only blessed to attend once but it has inspired me to keep at yoga…I have Fibromyalgia and spend my life in pain…since I started yoga I am medication free and learning to find my inner strength and peace. I do believe yoga has saved my life. Brightest Blessings.Stacey Costello

I Believe in Santosha

I believe in Santosha.
I believe in a practice that invites me to my mat, one that invites me to be in the present moment, with myself, where self meets self.
I believe in integrity. I believe I am lead by individuals who embody qualities of pure, experienced teachers, people driven by compassion and understanding of personal growth and realization.
Click here to read the rest of Robyn’s poem.Robyn Zimmerman

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