Reopening – July 2021
March 3, 2021

Restriction Exemption Program

Restriction Exemption Program

September 20th, 2021

Restriction Exemption Program

The Alberta Government has given us two choices. The first is to close our doors and cancel all in person classes. The second is to implement a Restriction Exemption Program.
For our business and for our community we are choosing to stay open.

We never want to leave anyone out. Part of our mandate is to create a space of inclusivity and belonging. We also care deeply for the safety and wellness of everyone. These are not easy times.

We recognise that many of you will be happy to follow these guidelines and it will allow you to practice at our studios with a deeper sense of ease. We are potently aware that it will leave some of you out and that you will not be able to come into our space for the time being.

We will continue to Livestream our classes so that everyone can practice with us.

For in studio classes, starting September 20th you will need to provide one of the following.

  1. Proof of  vaccination – a single dose is sufficient between September 20 and October 25th if received 2 weeks before the day you are attending class. Double doses are required after October 25th
  2. Document of a Medical Exemption;
  3. Proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of service.

If you are able to email us your documentation in advance of attending your next class we would greatly appreciate it. Please send your information to If you are vaccinated or have an exemption we will make a note of it and you will not need to provide us this information again.

This is a very divisive topic for many and there are strong beliefs and thoughts on all that is transpiring. Passion is necessary and fire is part of the gift of transformation. At the heart there is love. In our yoga practice we are reminded of this. We would ever so kindly and lovingly request that you not bring this into our Santosha space. Please understand that we are all doing our best under a very challenging situation.

As always thank you for being a part of this community and for staying strong in your dedication and connection. We are ever so grateful to be navigating this with you.

Your Santosha Management Team

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