Alison DuRussel

When you get a massage from Alison, you will sense her compassion and natural intuition to find and release tension from the most problematic areas of your body. Alison’s inspiration to learn massage and interest in alternative therapy began while working as a pharmacy technician in 2005.

Her work then shifted to becoming a colon hydrotherapist in 2007, specializing in gastrointestinal disturbances and abdominal massage. She graduated from Mount Royal University’s Massage Therapy program in 2010. She is experienced in relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue and sports massage.
Having a thirst for knowledge, Alison is also a qualified craniosacral therapist, and reiki practitioner since 2011. In addition to becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2012, she completed her Raindrop Therapy in 2013. She keeps her modalities updated by continuously researching new and effective ways for treatment in her practice and her everyday life. She takes time to listen and gives home care suggestions to prevent further injury and increase sustainability. Alison believes most injuries and ailments can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes and heightened awareness. She is committed to increasing your quality of life by encouraging you to have an active role in your health through lifestyle choices, empowerment and education.