Amber Rotar

My yoga journey began over a decade ago, when I wandered into a class at my local small-town gym. The instructor was visiting from Brazil, and I had absolutely no yoga experience – I even wore my runners into the studio.

Like many of us, I began my yoga journey with intentions of physical gain. Although my first taste of yoga was delicious, it took some time before I understood and appreciated the deeper benefits of practising that inspire us to live a more mindful and present existence. At the time I walked into my first class, I was raising two beautiful daughters, and competing as a figure and fitness athlete. My time was focused on family, running and weight training – a schedule that kept my yoga practice sporadic for years.
As my daughters and the yoga community grew, so did the consistency of my practice. I developed a craving not only for the shapes and contortions of the physical body, but for the peace of mind and sense of presence it brought me. By practising yoga, I was creating space in my life to slow down without distraction. I became more aware of my thought patterns, and was able to start shifting these patterns with deliberate intention.
The most incredible gift yoga has given me is not the physical gain, but the opportunity to grow and heal from past experiences with depression, perfectionism, OCD and BDD. I encourage anyone negotiating these challenges to consider stepping into the healing world of yoga, and to explore how mindfulness, movement and attention to the present moment can restore the body, mind and spirit.
Years after my initial class with the Brazilian instructor, I registered in a workshop she was teaching. During the workshop, she suggested I go to India to take my yoga teacher training. Once the seed was planted, everything seemed to align rapidly, and off I went to immerse myself in yoga studies – directly from the source. Upon my return, I began sharing and teaching right away.
I teach from an intention to simply hold space: Space for awareness. Space to heal. Space for uniqueness. Space to awaken.
I love incorporating poetic language when guiding practitioners through asana, offering a consistent focus on accuracy and alignment. I draw attention to the power of silence, as well as the power of music to heal and inspire. I always look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in the studio. I welcome yogis of all levels, with or without injury, to move, explore, breathe, co-create and be in the moment.