Amy Thiessen

The loss of a loved one brought me to yoga, and inspired in me a renewed search for meaning, for spirit and for myself.

I started practicing at Bodhi Tree and fell in love with not only my practice, but also the people and the energy that surrounded it. In the fall of 2005 I left to India with no plans, except to abandon myself to the whims of the universe. During my three months there I studied and practised meditation, Buddhism and yoga, spending my final month in an ashram. When I returned home I shifted my life to become more in harmony with my spirit, and continued to cultivate a better understanding of who I am.
I feel blessed to have found yoga, not just as a practice, but also as a way of life, and a way of being. I believe strongly in finding those things that bring one closer to their spirit. Yoga is a way for me to live; music and art my way to express; and school, study and the day-to-day are my current paths to learn and grow.
Thank you so much, to all of those who share in their own journey and who allow growth to manifest from within. I love you all and feel blessed by your presence.
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