Jackie Kitella

I have always embraced an active lifestyle through multiple competitive team sports as well as long distance running and cycling.

However, when injuries began to plague me and limit my strength and mobility, curiosity brought me to yoga as an alternative activity to sports and racing.
The moment I arrived on my mat, I discovered what it meant to be both challenged and humbled by a practice that emphasized harmony of breath with intentional movement. I fell in love with the nuances of mindfulness and learned to let go of a competitive ego by redirecting my athleticism into a practice of patience and gratitude.
My passion for learning led me to explore yoga teacher training through various styles including Yin, Rocket Vinyasa, and Flow. Since completing my 200 hr YTT training with Yoga Santosha, I have been gifted opportunities to teach alongside my greatest mentors and friends in community, studio, and school classes. I bring a playful and lighthearted energy to my teaching-which makes it accessible for all ages and abilities.
Outside of yoga, I am blessed to be a mother of two inspiring humans, jr. high teacher and coach, and lover of nature. You can often find me with a smile on my face and book in hand-getting kissed by the sun and spending as much time as I can enjoying nature’s beauty with friends and family.