Jamie Cameron

I came to this practice seven years ago searching, whether I knew it or not, for a way to connect.

At the time I had no idea what I wanted to connect to – I just knew that something had to change.
What I discovered was that this magical alchemy of breath and movement, mind and body has the power to drop me into the present like nothing else.
The first time I ever practiced, I was so divorced from my body that I was essentially a stranger to myself. These last few years have been a process of uncovering; of awakening a dormant seed of clarity and purpose inside. It’s a bit like being an archeologist – some days you hit pay dirt and you find an entire triceratops! Other days, you’re scrabbling around in the dust, sweating in bad khakis…
It has taken a few false starts and a lot of time for me to commit. Not only to coming to my mat every day, but also to taking those lessons learned in the thick of practice to the practice of my life. I still feel that I have only begun to scratch the surface. There is so much latent potential in all of us, so much yet to be revealed. Every time I set foot on my mat I feel completely at home yet fully ready to be thrown for a loop. Yoga has shown me that I cannot predict what is going to happen – life is full of surprises!
My sincere desire as a teacher is to humbly serve from a place of compassion and honesty. I work to provide a safe atmosphere to explore and yet challenge you as a student – to bring your best self onto the mat, a best self whose expression is as fluid and changeable as this crazy little thing called life… With gratitude to my teachers for their belief in my potential and to the ever expanding group of beautiful souls who co-create the yoga community.
-Namaste, Jamie