Jasmine Burton

ERYT200, RYT500

My journey with yoga began when I was thirteen, growing up in Eastern Québec. My mother asked if I wanted to join a yoga class weekly with her and I agreed. It immediately piqued my curiosity, the movement, the breath and the mind-body connection.

In 2008, I ventured to India, until spring 2009. During my travels, I stayed in a little place on the northern tip of Karnataka, the closest thing to GOA for beaches but with less tourism at the time. Namaste Yoga Farm… there, I fell deeply in love with yoga once again. The sunrise practices on the rooftop of the guesthouse plugged into my soul instantly. It was then that my love grew deeper and was now long lasting. Meditation became part of my practice then, through travels in various temples, sometimes practicing seva, staying for meditations after.
Meditation… in the sitting sense. Since I have always felt climbing and running are moving meditations 🙂 Carrying my mat wherever I travelled for the years to come, flowing through my physical and mental practices.
When our son was born in 2014, of course our lives changed dramatically. I was on maternity leave, with a body that didn’t quite feel the same in any way but I still knew it was mine. The practice pulled through, transformed, transitioned and was/is in constant evolution. I then took a Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Calgary with Yoga Santosha, including Candace Cooke, Lisa Tierney and Lisa Whitford. It deepened an even longer conversation with my relationship with yoga.
Ever since then, I’ve been taking online workshops on my own time, discovering different movements, different techniques and approaches… and I feel that’s always needed because our body never feels the same day to day.
I’ve been teaching privately ever since, working with clients on all aspects of the yoga practice (meditation, pranayama, asana and philosophy), and also teaching a weekly donation-based all-levels class for the benefit of any. In 2020, in the middle of our global pandemic, I decided to dive into another Yoga Alliance Certified YTT for 300hr. The Current, with my teachers Erin Evans and Lydia Zamorano was completed in June 2021. I also teach weekly locally at the Yoga Santosha studios in Calgary.
This practice is life-long, imperfect, asymmetrical, messy and honest. When you show up, and are present, magic and freedom await. It’s the most honest form of myself I’ve ever met. I strive to teach from this lens. Forever changing, always in movement, also in stillness, sitting with everything that surrounds the practice mentally and physically through breath.