Kim Ma

“I have always loved movement. How movement can make you feel; invigorated, sweaty, tired – alive. But it wasn’t until later in life after university and becoming ‘an adult’ that I was first introduced to yoga.

I decided to try a hot yoga class with the intent to sweat and stretch, and I was hooked. What began as an infatuation with the physical postures and movements has evolved into a much deeper appreciation which include the subtler aspects of yoga.
Yoga has since become a constant companion and trusted partner in my life. After years of the ebb and flow of wanting to do a teacher training for various and ever changing reasons, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the right training until I was in the midst of a job my heart had whispered no to for a long time, unknowingly on the cusp of screaming incoherently into a void that was slowly growing inside me. I finally took the plunge and nervously signed up for my 200H teacher training in 2018, after finally feeling it was just right (I have a funny feeling that it was my yoga practice, and the community and individuals who lifted my heart and lent me their strength to allow me the space and clarity to walk this path). The calm and trust that I felt the day I signed up has fueled a beautiful fire in me ever since. Completing my teacher training the community at Yoga Santosha has been nothing short of life changing. It was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life.
After nearly a decade working in a corporate and legal environment that was not serving my heart, I decided to leave the industry full time (mid-pandemic, no less) and pursue offering what I can to those who might need that extra little bit of light just as I did (and still do). I truly believe we are here in this experience together, part of a whole that perhaps we can’t always see, and much of what we ‘don’t know’ is not an ‘unknown’ but just lies beneath a surface waiting to be rediscovered and remembered. My heart has always told me that my purpose is to help or support others in some capacity but I never knew exactly what that was until I was able to connect my own practice with the understanding that my practice is also my offering to others. We are all students, just as we are all teachers. I am honoured to learn with and from each of you.
Fun facts about me are that I love tea (hot, cold and bubble), Harry Potter (the books, not the movies) and doggos (animals in general, really. Please let me be friends with your fur babies!). I’m a big kid with an old soul, just trying to spread joy and do my best at being a decent human. Exploring this experience with the hope of helping myself and others uncover forgotten truths and reconnect with the spirit of community and oneness from a place of curiosity, compassion and gratitude.
Wishing love, peace, joy and freedom to all.