Kristen Beaulieu

I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher with over 500 hours of training experience.
My mission is to experience all that life offers with open arms and an unflinching, soft heart.

As a Yoga Teacher my role is to hold space for a student’s individual light to illuminate their journey of innate wisdom and higher purpose. Recently I have delved into teaching the practice of Yoga Nidra and am enjoying excavating richly-layered experiences of self-discovery with my students.
Specializing in teaching mobility-reduced students I have worked with Osteoporosis Canada, The Scandinavian Centre of Calgary and many community groups around Calgary.
I believe in the power of practice to heal and strive to create classes that inspire adventure, discipline and a large dose of laughter. I teach to encourage students of all ages and abilities to dive heart-first into their own personal journey.
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Facebook Page: Kristen Beaulieu Yoga