Linda Alaimoana


“I have led a very blessed life, sprinkled with a great deal of personal growth.
I feel divine guidance, and the love for what I do, aides me with my passion to lead people toward their own healing; physically, mentally and spiritually.”

For the last 30+ years, I have resided in Grande Prairie, AB. For the majority of my adult life, I have been practicing as a Massage Therapist and then a Yoga Instructor. After graduating from the Northern Institute of Massage in 1996, I began putting my skills to use immediately. Before long, I discovered I had found my purpose. Since then, I have studied many modalities including but not limited to; Myofascia Release, Onsen, Thai Massage, and most recently Rapid (NFR) Therapy. In 2008, I took, what I felt was, the next logical step and became a Yoga Instructor. My love for teaching has taken me to different parts of the world, including California to study with world renowned instructor Seane Corn, and even to India where I studied Iyengar Yoga.
I am very excited to start this new chapter in Southern Alberta, and see where the journey of the second half of my life takes me.