Megan Sullivan

CAT(C)/MSc./BA H. Kin.
Certfied Athletic Therapist
Fascial Stretch Therapist: Level I

Megan Sullivan is a Certified Athletic Therapist and is trained in the assessment, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries (muscles, bones, ligaments and joints). She treats acute and chronic injuries of every joint in the body such as: rotator cuff tendonitis, bursitis, muscle strains, shoulder impingement syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, disc herniation to name a few.

Megan specializes in return to play, work or sport and aims to get you back to your pre-injury state as safely and effectively as she can. Her goal is to keep you enjoying the activities you love. She is passionate about educating her patients to facilitate injury prevention for years to come.
Megan is a Certified Athletic Therapist from Hamilton, ON. She is a graduate of the Advanced Athletic Therapy program at Mount Royal University in 2013. She also has a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. More recently, she has completed her Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences at McMaster University in 2017.
In addition to treatment, Megan aims to educate her clients about the importance of exercise to help overcome injuries, both acute and chronic.
Megan’s past experience includes working with the Hamilton Tiger Cats for three seasons followed by working in a private clinic. She has a strong background in treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, while utilizing a sport medicine approach for all of her patients.