Rose-Marie Thériault

The practice of movement has been at the core of my life since my early age. Through countless years of dance, I have studied Pilates, gyrokinesis and other somatic movement approaches

And then came yoga… and although it took me a few years to truly grasp the depth of this practice, somehow I kept finding myself coming back to it, again and again. What I found in yoga was the compassion I had been longing for, for myself, my body and for this journey of life.
Since 2010, teaching has become for me a great and humbling path of service and connectivity. My classes are rooted in mindfulness and sustainability, designed with care to offer an embodied experience of self-care and inquiry. In my practice, I keep falling deeply in love with the subtle. I keep finding anchor and sacredness in details and nuances, reminding me always of the beauty of simplicity within this complex experience of life.
As a birth doula, I am truly honoured to guide and support women and their partners through this incredible journey of birth. Through movement, breath, partner work and mindfulness, I hold space and help create a grounded and sacred experience.
Since 2019, I bring the Spinning Babies® approach to expecting parents in Calgary through the Parent Class. As the very first Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator in the city, I am thrilled to share this unique approach to pregnancy and childbirth and participate in this revolutionary paradigm shift in the birth world. This approach has truly transformed my understanding and support of the birthing process.
I deeply bow to the people who have influenced me with heart, wisdom and vulnerability.
2019 | Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training | Jennifer Walker, Lorenza Holt | Toronto
2019 | MovNat Level 1 | Stefano Tripney | Calgary
2019 | 1-Day Spinning Babies® Workshop | Calgary
2017 | Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation Course | Michael Stone | Online
2016 | DONA Birth Doula Training | Doula Essentials
2015 | 100 hrs Modern Teacher Training | The Yoga Lounge
2014 | 85 hrs Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training | Mamata Yoga
2013 | 75 hrs Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program | Alice Hong
2012 | 200 hrs Registered Yoga Teacher Training | Salt Spring Centre of Yoga
2010 | 75 hrs Mat Pilates Certification | Jennifer Horvath
2008 | 3 year Professional Dance Certificate | The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
2005 | 3 year Pre-Professional Dance Certificate | Ballet Divertimento