Saleste Mele


I grew up with a father who had a background in music and a mother who was a dancer and experimented with yoga when it first came to the Western culture back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Little did I know that the two fields would merge much later on in my life.
My background includes many titles. My journey into the holistic field started off with aromatherapy back in ’99. I received my Wholistic Therapist diploma as well as my Master Herbalist diploma from Wild Rose College. I am a Usui Reiki Master as well I have my Karuna Reiki and Lightarian Rieki. I trained with Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi (pioneers of the Sound Healing movement) in ’02 and have been working with sound ever since. I took my teachers training in psychosomatic from the Australasian Institute. I’ve also studied quantum healing, receiving numerous diplomas.
I received my Yoga Teacher Training from the Nosara Yoga Institute. My focus is mainly meditation and sound but I work with asanas to allow the body to open up to the vibrations. Currently I am working on my dissertation for my doctoral regarding the power of vibrational healing. I just finished my Masters in Metaphysical Science. My passion is working with sound and hosting workshops and sound meditations and am working towards expanding people’s knowledge base and awareness around this powerful modality.
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