Soro Reza

My first exposure to Yoga was a P90X video tape that I did at home. I did about 15 min of the tape and I thought man this is harder than I thought.

At the time I was studying in Victoria, BC to become an electrical engineer. I had everything I thought I wanted in life but I was unhappy and my health was degenerating along with my grades.
After leaving engineering due to complications with my health I was forced to reevaluate my life and try to find a path that allows me to have a positive vision of myself and the world around me.
My journey took me to many places and many different jobs but eventually I found myself in Kerala doing my first Yoga Teacher Training at Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam.
The experience I had there changed me in such a profound way that I decided to dedicate myself to help others feel the same sense of peace and bliss.
After TTC I decided to go to Quebec for Karma Yoga at Sivananda Yoga Camp in Val Morin. What began as a 3 month commitment turned into 6 months and culminated with the completion of my Advanced Teacher Training. During that time I gained a better understanding of what it mean to live a yogic lifestyle day in and day out.
It was also through yoga that I met my now wife Sarah. Sarah was working as a yoga teacher and translator for an Iranian Yoga magazine that took tours to India. We became friends after teacher training and after sometime we started our relationship and began teaching together in Iran and India. Yoga has brought many blessing into my life and the biggest is inner peace.
I believe that to bring peace to the world we need to each take our own journey towards inner peace and as we do we can help others along our way to make their journey as well.
My teachings are drawn from my experiences in life and only try to pass along what I have learned to my others.