Welcome to Yoga Santosha!

Here are a few guidelines and or tips to help get you started on your yoga journey at our studio….

~ You will need to arrive about 15 minutes prior to your chosen classes start time, the first time you come. This is so you can fill out a registration form and decide on what you would like to purchase (drop in or other membership type).
~ You could start with our Hatha Foundation class. This takes place on Tuesday’s at 6pm and Thursday’s at 7:30.
~ As we have so many styles of yoga at our studio it can be hard to decide which style would be best to start with…..

It really depends on what you are looking for in a class.
If you’re really fit and already we would suggest trying our Ashtanga classes, any Warm Flow class or regular Flow/Lunch Flow would also be great.
Everyone (athletes to not fit at all!) seems to love Yin Yang. It is a great way to either begin your journey or to take it deeper! Two great styles combined to make a great series. The yin is long deep holds helping you to open up your hips, lengthen your hamstrings, open your shoulders or low back and the yang is like any Flow style that we offer.

Some people are looking to relax and get deeper within rather than being so physical. In this case we would suggest that you try any of our Warm Yin/Restorative classes or Gentle Yoga or even the Yin Yang.
*For more information on our class styles please click on the class description link.

~ Please let the instructor know BEFORE class if you are pregnant or have an injury or other health concerns. (high blood pressure, joint pain or injury or recent surgery)
~ Please turn off your cell phone and try to keep your talking to the changerooms or the reception area. We like to keep the practice room quiet and tranquil.
~ Try to eat at least an hour or more before you come, its best to practice on an empty stomach.
~ Please try to let go of your competitive side as you arrive! Just let it go. No one will notice what you are doing beside them, so just relax…..
Most of all, enjoy yourself and enjoy your breath!

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