Yoga Santosha has been a welcoming community in Calgary since 2007. Alastair and Candace are familiar faces in our halls and voices in our classes. They are our founders and inspiration. To them — and to us — yoga is much more than a collection of physical postures. It’s a gift to be shared with all. If your day feels burdened or overwhelming, or if you just need to find some mental clarity or expand your physical abilities, you’re in good company here. Walk through our door and you’ll feel instantly lighter. With the support of a beautiful practice, free from judgment and pressure, your spirit will flourish, your confidence will thrive and your outlook will shift. The connections here are deep. The energy here is palpable. Stop by anytime.


We are honoured to be voted the best place to do yoga in Calgary. Check out the listing!


We first opened Santosha’s doors on August 12th, 2007. Our vision was to touch as many people as we could through the sharing of our passion of yoga... We knew the benefits first-hand and knew how healing it is on all levels, and needed some personal healing at the time as well. We wanted to create a nurturing and inclusive community, where each individual’s needs could be met. We wanted people to feel that Santosha was a sanctuary where they could leave their worries behind, where they would feel as if they were being embraced when they walked in the front door. Over the years it really has become that... It has become a meeting place, a healing place, somewhere where people have grown their yoga practice and beautiful friendships along the way. Yoga Santosha is our second studio. We opened The Yoga Lounge in Canmore in 2002. We are so grateful that the community of Canmore and still love and cherish that space!


The choice of charities we support comes from the personal experiences of our family since 2006. All of the money collected from various advertised events will be donated to these charities. Without them, our lives – and the lives of countless other families - would have been very different.

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Meet our wonderful Santosha team! We are as proud to introduce each of them to you as they are to share their passion and expertise with you. We trust in our team to be supportive, adaptable and intentional as they create the space for you to be fully immersed in your practice.