Nurture your interest and further your skills with a workshop or retreat led by one of our experienced instructors or a visiting guest.
Retreats are a time for stepping back, going inward and prioritizing the time you need to relax and de-stress. Downshift from your usual gear and give your health your full attention. Workshops explore new subjects with ancient roots, complimentary additions to your practice and training with seasonal appeal. Make new friends and broaden your horizons. A focused experience might be just what you need.


Santosha offers a variety of workshops that allow our students to deepen their practice physically, mentally and intellectually. Whether it’s learning to target specific areas of the body, treating yourself to a sound bath or meditation, or simply learning the art of letting go and connecting with yourself and your breath, at Yoga Santosha we’re here to provide a safe space to learn and grow.


Escape to exotic jungles, pristine beaches, or even our own urban backyard. Wherever the location, our retreats provide an opportunity to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect internally. Experience yoga classes in a new light, enjoy delicious food and adventure with hikes, snorkelling, surfing, wildlife tours, and new cultures. Stay tuned as we plan upcoming retreats exploring beautiful British Columbia, Europe and India.


  • I really enjoy the spa-like environment that is created the minute you step into the studio. It is great to know that all teachers here teach at a high quality; so regardless if I have personally experienced their class, I know at the outset they will be great. I recently went to the community movie night. It was awesome. A great relaxed environment, with wonderful treats and a great movie selection.
  • Yoga Santosha is so incredibly friendly, helpful and guiding in almost everything they do... I have yet to have a concern or question that they couldn't immediately help me with or answer. The facilities are phenomenal, relaxing and anything you could need for a class is available. Each of the classes I’ve been to so far has targeted and helped me calm my mind in ways I haven’t felt in a long time. I will be raving about you guys for a long time, and hope I can keep getting stronger and more centered with your help!
  • Amazing people and gorgeous studio space. The instructors here are fantastic and diverse in their cuing and sequencing. The studio offers a great variety of classes, and everyone from the front desk staff to owners and managers are so friendly and helpful. I love that they also offer massage and wellness, and are community driven with community partnerships and events. Such a great place to practise and make friends!
    KIM M


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