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March 14, 2014
Paddi Moore in Calgary
March 25, 2014

I Believe in Santosha

I believe in Santosha

I believe in a practice that invites me to my mat, one that invites me to be in the present moment, with myself, where self meets self.

I believe in integrity. I believe I am lead by individuals who embody qualities of pure, experienced teachers, people driven by compassion and understanding of personal growth and realization.

I believe in Santosha.
I believe in the practice that invites you to be a calmer, gentler, softer individual. I believe when we meet ourselves on the mat we meet the true nature of our mind, where we arise as the fabrication from the fabric or background of our existence. We arise into asanas and we dissolve in emptiness

I believe in Santosha.
I believe it is our job to use the practice to help train our minds to be happier, more focused, more grounded.

I believe in Santosha.
I believe in practicing in a community, with other people and teachers who know the deeper benefits of yoga, of its impact, its purpose. I believe this is paramount for our practice to flourish. I believe in the kindness of great teachers who guide us gently on our path on and off the mat.

I believe in Santosha.
I believe in its ability to create a space where one can deeply explore themselves, their life, their mind, their purpose and whereby feel lighter after moving in their mind, through their thoughts.

I believe in Santosha.
I believe the mat is a metaphor. I believe the mat’s a metaphor for impermanence and patience. It’s an invitation to abandon expectations and embrace the unpredictability of each practice. It’s an opportunity to let go of everything we think we are, of what we want to be and then, in turn just be and know there’s nowhere to go.

I believe in Santosha.
And I thank every individual in this community for their generosity, authenticity, kindness and wisdom —- for helping others be more peaceful, more content, more still and more purposeful in their lives.

I believe in Santosha.

-Robyn Zimmerman


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