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September 2, 2013
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September 3, 2013

Challengers, Week 4 – A Note from Dawn…


First off, I want to express how inspiring you yogis are and what a gift it is to teach you during the challenge. The energy in the studio is so amazing and it’s my honor to share this experience with you.

Taking on a daily yoga practice isn’t easy.

Often the biggest challenge is getting on your mat. Some days you may have to drag yourself to the studio. At this point in the challenge, you are probably feeling things in your body you’ve never felt before. You may be sore and tired; your mind may be frustrated and your emotions may be taxed. Yoga brings everything to the surface and our practice is to work through it.

Once you step foot on your mat and begin to practice, these obstacles shift and become less of a distraction. All you have to do is to show up as you are and trust the yoga to do the work. You always feel better after you practice.

At the beginning of class, I ask you to set an intention – Why are you here? We all have our own reasons for practicing, but I’m quite certain there is one common thing we all desire – to feel good. As you continue with your challenge, remind yourself of your intention, let it be the motivation that brings you to your mat every day. And most importantly, have FUN! Try not to take yoga too seriously, be nice to yourself, feel good and be proud that you made it to your mat another day!

Love & Light,