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August 24, 2015
8th Anniversary Open House
October 20, 2015

Introducing Marma Therapy


We are very excited to have Caryn Kilback offering Marma Therapy at Yoga Santosha starting October 1st. If you are not familiar with what it is, please continue reading for more information about it.

Marma Therapy is India’s bodywork therapy stemming from Ayurvedic Medicine that focuses on acupressure massage stimulating the various points in the body that lay along the energy meridian channel pathways. You can think of the meridian pathways like a super highway in the body that feed into our organs and tissues transporting things like our blood, lymph, oxygen and nutrients. The Marma acupressure points are the various junctures or 4-way stops that intersect these highway channels connecting structures such as bone, ligament and tendons. When you approach a 4-way stop and traffic is congested, what happens? Traffic backs up. Vehicles are still able to get through, but it takes a lot more time, patience and energy. Alternatively, if traffic is minimal or perhaps the 4-way stop even becomes a round-a-bout, traffic can now flow through efficiently. This is true of the body metaphorically speaking. Marma is translated as both ‘injury’ and ‘juncture’ or ‘gateway’. When we experience an injury to the body, congestion can accumulate at these points of juncture impeding the flow of the good stuff like blood, oxygen and nutrients. When our cells experience a lack of oxygen they become starved and start to deplete, functioning at a rate much less than optimal.

The object of Marma Therapy is to stimulate these points by applying sustained pressure causing the muscle fibers to fire and ultimately release allowing for an increase in circulation of the vital nutrients of blood and oxygen back to the troubled/blocked area. We can then add in aids such as medicated oils, liniments, and herbal pastes and poultices to increase therapeutic benefits and help further unwind blockages based on specific needs. In summary, this balancing treatment focuses on releasing energy blocks in the body and mind. Using acupressure massage, the marma points are gently stimulated to help tone the organ systems, increase circulation, decrease tension and aid in detoxification while restoring energetic flow.

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