Challengers, Week 1 – A Note from Kate…
April 23, 2013
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May 1, 2013

Challengers, Week 2 – A Note from Candace…

What an inspiration you all are, to everyone at the studio, practitioners and teachers alike!  What a lot of energy and good vibes you are bringing into the classes!  I know for some of you, this isn’t your first 35 Day Challenge, some of you have done many before….  You know very well the benefits of a daily practice and how it actually feels when you fully commit to yourself and your practice.  Whether this is your first attempt or you are a seasoned pro, you are all realizing what it is like to actually push your boundaries and move past your comfort zone,  you are realizing your full potential and you are  actually inspiring yourself, not just all of us!
As many of you know, I just love to read Osho quotes at the end of my classes and I thought it fitting to end here with one of my favorites….
When you seek, the future is important, the goal is important.  And when you don’t seek, the present moment is all there is.  There is no future, so you cannot postpone – you cannot say, “Tomorrow I will be happy.”
Through tomorrow we destroy today; through the fictitious we destroy the real.  So you can say, “Okay, if I am sad today, there is nothing to be worried about- tomorrow I will be happy.”  So today can be tolerated, you can bear it.  But if there is no tomorrow and no future and nothing to seek for and find, there is no way to postpone -  the very postponement disappears.  Then it is up to you to be happy or not to be happy.  This moment, you have to decide.  And I don’t think anybody is going to decide to be unhappy.  Why?  For What?
The past is no more, and the future is never going to be, so this is the moment.  You can celebrate it: You can love, you can pray, you can sing, you can dance, you can mediate, you can do yoga, you can use it as you want.  And the moment is so small that if you  are not very alert it will slip out of your hands, it will be gone.  So, to be, one has to be very alert.  Doing needs no alertness; it is very mechanical.
And don’t use the word wait – because that means the future has entered again from the back door.  If you think that you should just wait, then again you are waiting for the future.  There is nothing to wait for.  Existence is as perfect this moment as it will ever be.  It is never going to be more perfect.
You are all on board here, embracing the present moment and making the choice to celebrate it, how exciting!!
Thank you all for you dedication and perseverance as you continue on this journey….  I think the best advice I can give you is to not label each practice as good or bad, easy or hard, just do it, not for any other reason than, you are going to do it for you, taking the time to connect with your authentic self!  Just do it and see what happens, let go and enjoy the journey without any expectations.
All the best,