Some Words from Lisa T.
December 11, 2012
Challengers, Week 2 – A Note from Candace…
April 29, 2013

Challengers, Week 1 – A Note from Kate…

Congratulations to all challengers for rounding it through the first week.
It is so important to remember that finishing the challenge is not the end all to everything and that having the courage to start means more.
 You have begun embarking on a journey to self-realization and evolution. We are united as a community of Santoshis to encourage, inspire and to lift each other to our goals. Each of us taking a different route on a system of braided paths up towards change and awareness. Some of us will move faster than others but it is paramount that we will shift and evolve according to a pace based on our own experiences that are unique to ourselves.
With every great success story there are layers and layers of trying learning experiences, heartbreak, recovery, pouring your heart open and getting burned while obstacle after obstacle presents itself. We only hear the end result and while bringing awareness to the aforementioned can seem foreboding, rather it should work to inspire us. For every situation of triumph and tribulation is an opportunity for us to evolve and shape into a better version of ourselves.
Gil Hedley once wrote:
We need not fear the changes that go with personal transformation anymore than a snake need feat for sloughing a skin. Nothing essential is lost to who you are. Quite the opposite. Those qualities inherent in your identity, that which is truly delicious in you, becomes that much more accessible. Yet, for any of you who have ever seen a reptile with its skin half on and half off, you will know that the transitional times can appear terrifying, or from the right angle, comical.
Have fun with the challenge and good luck to all. My heart lies with you and sends love to you despite being across the sea in Asia for the rest of your challenge.
In love and in light,