A Little About Kate Mak
May 24, 2014
June Community Membership: Village Ice Cream
May 29, 2014

Featured Class: Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga

Yoga works its magic by bringing body, mind, and spirit into a state of harmony and balance. Focusing on the sensations that arise as you breathe through your asana practice, bridging the separation between body and mind, which allows you to become fully present within your body.

Join us in the studio every Sunday at 4:00pm for our Gentle Yoga class.

This gentle yet in-depth practice is a sequence of asanas which increase flexibility and strengthen the entire body, releasing the chronic tension that so often dulls vitality. As you conclude your practice enjoy a deep relaxation as energy naturally flows to the areas of your body most in need of rejuvenation and healing.

You leave feeling balanced and relaxed as you awaken your true self.