Corn Chipotle Chowder
March 11, 2012


One of the biggest lessons I continue to learn for myself is letting go. As many can relate, this is not easy and sometimes we would rather accept living in states of extreme emotions such as fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, disappointment and so many more than to let go.

Swadharma – the next right step

No matter how many missteps you take… one, five, ten, hundreds, thousands… the next step you take can be the right one. Do not worry yourself about the past. Perhaps, you embarrassed yourself in acting in a way that was unlike you. Perhaps, you said something in a situation that you did not mean to say. Perhaps, you continue to hold yourself in the harshest of judgments. It does not matter… swadharma… the next step you take, it can be the right step and that is all that matters. Even if you stumble back, as we will, do not be discouraged and continue with swadharma.

The yoga practice helps, your friends help, your family helps, your community helps and deep in your heart of hearts… you know you are capable and deserving of the next right step.

Sending love…