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Featured Class – Yoga and Sound Therapy

Yoga and Sound Therapy Class

Featured Class - Yoga and Sound Therapy

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Featured Class – Yoga and Sound Therapy

Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing that human beings have used and explored over the millenniums. Sound Therapy is a transcendent experience; the benefits you receive are literally infinite.

Sound has the ability to uplift us, especially when those frequencies are operating within a higher vibration than we are. When we expose ourselves to higher vibrations the principles of resonance apply and our vibrations begin to shift coming into resonance with the higher vibrations. We integrate breath work, asanas and meditation throughout the class to allow the body to be in full receivership of a truly transformative healing session.

Sound therapy, through the use of our voice and sonic tools with specific frequencies, can bring our own vibrations into right relationship, clearing out stagnation and unlocking dormant energies that allow us to tap into our full potential. The very basis of sound healing is simply the concept that everything is in a state of vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates, and everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. The shifts that occur within the energy field of the mind and body are profound and have a ripple effect throughout our lives. Our mind, body, and spirit unfolds new levels of insights as we tune into our own subtle vibrations and resonate within our own energetic laboratory of sound.

Sound is an amazing tool for transformation. It has the ability to take that which is vibrating out of ease and put it back into ease, balance, and harmony. This can include not only our physical bodies, but also our emotional, mental, and spiritual ones. In addition, sound can affect, alter, and enhance our consciousness. It has the power to actually shift our overall vibratory rate, causing imbalances and disharmonious vibrations to drop away.

Benefits of Sound Therapy include:

• Increased Energy
• Deep Relaxation
• Stress Reduction
• Enhanced Health & Vitality
• Brain Hemisphere Balancing
• Release of endorphins
• Activation of the Chakras
• Immunological Enhancement
• Improved Self-Esteem
• Increased Mental Clarity
• Deep Meditation
• Expanded Consciousness

I grew up in a household that held a lot of old programming and limiting beliefs. I come from a place of deep fears, suffering from insecurities, anxieties and depression, and really questioning why I am here. My journey into the Universe, the body mind connection and the human condition stems from wanting to get to know myself and heal my trauma.

My background includes many titles and I’ve gained so much from each of the teachers, mentors and gurus that I’ve had along the way but when I trained with Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi (pioneers of the modern Sound Healing movement) back in ’02 it really unlocked something deep within me. It was the first time that I could see beyond my fears and I experienced a profound sense of peace. I have been working with sound ever since.

Each class is completely unique. I am honoured to teach these classes and have an extensive collection of sonic tools that I draw from. It is my passion to create an experiential process that allows students and clients to have profound shifts in their lives. I tune into the energies that will be presenting themselves and allow the Universe to guide me in serving all those present for their greatest and highest good.

Much Love,

Saleste Mele

You can find Saleste at Yoga Santosha Mission on Mondays @8:45 pm and Yoga Santosha Kensington on Sundays @8:00 pm