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March 8, 2022
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Why Yoga Challenge?


Why Yoga Challenge?

MARCH 31, 2022

Why Yoga Challenge?

We all know it is a little about putting up a star sticker on the board after a practice (it just feels good) and a lot about you. Carving out dedicated time for wellness can be really hard for most of us.

Prioritizing ourselves when we are pushed and pulled in so many directions, let alone finding the energy when there seems to be none. We know it will refill the proverbial cup and yet oh not today, I just don’t have it in me. Familiar? Or maybe yours is when I am in better shape, or when my friend/partner/insert human can do it with me.

No pushing happening here, just a gentle ask if it is time, to take the time, to say It’s Time! Committing to a 5 day a week practice can be life changing. Yoga is as much for the inside of you as it is the outside (some might even say more), and sticking to your commitment feels pretty darn fantastic.

You may have seen Sarah Williamson, a serene yogi quietly unrolling her mat to commit to her practice for another day. During our last challenge, Sarah signed up for the 35 days, and I would occasionally ask her how she was finding it.
Every time I asked her there was a reverent appreciation and humble bow to being at the studio and having this sacred time. She is a radiant being and I could feel her appreciation for the practice. Sarah knew this was a path to connection, a compass.
She completed the yoga challenge and I asked her a week later if she would answer some questions.

She shared willingly and openly and has inspired me to joyfully sign up for our next one.
If we take care of ourselves, then ourselves can’t help but feel that. Maybe she will inspire you too!

Sarah, thanks for letting me dive into some questions! Why did you sign up for the yoga challenge?

I was seeking to reconnect to myself and my yoga practice. During the lockdowns the consistency of my practice dwindled and I had been struggling to get it back. This challenge was the reset I had been looking for. I hoped that with the intention of practicing for 35 days and carving out the time for myself I would get back into my regular yoga practice.

What has a consistent practice done for you?

The consistency created space for growth in my mind and body both on and off the mat. I felt my mind tune into my practice with intention, and could feel the strength in my physical self enhance. This extended beyond yoga and into my daily life with patience and giving myself the grace of listening to what my body needs. This challenge reminded me what it feels like to check in with my body and emotions, to ask what type of yoga practice is going to support me in this moment, on this day.

Now that a week has almost passed since it ended where are you at with your practice?

I am continuing to practice and engage in activities that connect my mind, body and soul. I look at the week ahead to plan out how to carve the time to practice just as I did throughout the challenge. The internal dialogue has shifted from “should I practice yoga today?” to “what time will I practice today”

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I connected to yoga about 7 years ago.

What does yoga mean to you?

For me, Yoga means connection. Connection to self, to body, to the earth, the awareness of existence and so much more. Yoga is a way of existing, a reminder to breathe into gratitude for all that is.

What do you do to show up on your mat and unroll it beyond getting a sticker?!

Carving out the time and tuning into how beneficial a regular practice is motivation in itself. That being said, since the completion of the last challenge I created my own tracking system to maintain movement and connection to self on a regular basis as there is power in celebrating the daily successes and completing goals.

I am immensely grateful to Yoga Santosha for providing this challenge and to all the teachers I was able to practice with over the 35 days and ongoing! I look forward to the next challenge Yoga Santosha has to offer!

With gratitude and light,
Sarah Williamson