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Spending Time with Kathryn Kohlenberg
January 5, 2019
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January 27, 2019

January Community Partner: Jusu

Yoga Santosha Blog jusu community partner calgary

Yoga Santosha Blog jusu community partner calgary

JANUARY 8, 2019

January Community Partner: Jusu

Time for a reset? You may have indulged or if you were like me perhaps over indulged over the holiday season and it’s time to refocus. Reducing our toxic load and increasing whole, organic, nutrient dense foods is always the way to go!

Our community partner this month offers incredible (and pretty darn delicious) juice cleanses along with an entire menu of other alternatives such as salads, superfood snacks, elixirs and panini’s. At the core Jusu Bar was created for our wellness. They are on a mission to provide 100% pure plant based products so that we can take control of our health.

The owner and founder Bruce Mullen knows that eating clean and organic can awaken our cells and change our lives. Jusu Bar was created in honour of Bruce’s wife Charlene. During Charlene’s fight with cancer they learned the incredible benefits of juicing. His goal is to guide us in making healthy, organic non-GMO, chemical free choices so that we live our best life now.

Bruce, first, thank you for creating Jusu Bar and for sharing your story. Thank you for opening a place that promotes healing, wellness, and wholeness. Thank you for letting the message grow so that we can all be part of the collective healing.

Juicing is incredible and Jusu offers a variety of juice cleanses. To the beginner juice cleanser can you share some of the benefits? And perhaps any words of wisdom for those terrified of not eating for a period of time!

Cleanses can be intimidating yes, however the purpose is very welcoming: increase mental clarity, reduce long term cravings, flood your body with organic nutrients, reset your system, reduce toxins built up from food and the environment – your body will thank you. When starting a cleanse go into it with an open mind and understanding that your body will not be used to only consuming liquids. Start with an easy cleanse if you have not cleansed before as it contains two of our nut mylks which are higher in calories and protein. The Deep cleanse is lower calories, more green juices, and more detoxifying – therefore yields the best results.

Organic and fresh is an important factor when we are releasing the toxic load and drawing in nutrients. How many days after a product has been juiced is it “good” for?

Our products and all things fresh in this world don’t last long – cold pressed juices last for 4 days before the nutritional content really starts to degrade. Organic cold pressed is critical since it is concentrated nutrients, the last thing you want is concentrated chemicals in your body which is why our cold pressed is organic.

Can you cater or tailor a juicing package if someone has an intolerance or an allergy?

Yes absolutely, we are a small business and locally operated. Many of our customers require additional changes and we do our best to accommodate these changes and edits to our cleanses.

Is there anyone you would not recommend a juicing cleanse to?

Pregnant women is number one due to our product being unpasteurized however if you are on medication or have anything that you think may be affected by the cleanse, consult your doctor.

I am personally a big fan of juicing and at one point juiced for one day every week. It was a great reset for my digestive system, which can be sluggish and seemed to really help to move things through. Are there suggestions that can be offered on an individual basis for all of our unique needs?

We have a holistic nutritionist that can answer any questions and help guide our customers towards the best products for them – but we don’t offer medical advice in such a way that a doctor would. At our core it’s simple. Eat healthy organic, foods, exercise, and live your life – it’s the best recipe for a prosperous life.

There are some really important steps before a cleanse and after to take. Can you please share.

Yes, drink lots of water and ensure you’re hydrated both before, during, and after. However I have some detailed points in this upcoming jusu blog that you can add into this.

Not to be just stuck on juice you have a variety of other offerings. Can you share what else we can find on the Jusu menu?

Yes, you can find anything from salads, superfood snacks, shakes, smoothie bowls such as acai and dragonfruit, hot elixirs, and amazing organic panini’s.

For Santosha Members: Show a receipt in store to receive 10% off your purchase.

Free Yoga: Bring in your receipt from Jusu Bar and receive one free class at Yoga Santosha from January 1-31*

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