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March Partner: Clear Float Spa


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MARCH 2, 2018

March Community Partner: Clear Float Spa

Our community partner for the month will have you floating-literally! Clear Float Spa is a space to both lose and to find yourself. A float can guide you to letting go of what no longer serves and allow you to open to all that fills and inspires you. A float is a meditation and an opportunity to come home.

We had the chance to connect with the creator and owner Bryce Weeks and dive into asking him a few questions about this sacred space and what it has brought to the community.

Can you tell us what first inspired you to create Clear Float Spa and how it came to be?

The concept for clear float spa was born out of my passion for meditation. I had been meditating for over a decade and found my practice wasn’t quite as consistent as I would have liked. Sometimes I would be meditating twice per day for years on end and others I would struggle to make time once or twice per month. Once I found floating I knew that this was something that could create consistency for many, myself included. On top of that we really wanted to build a community around meditation.

Meditation is such a solo journey and you can go through a lot of emotions when meditating heavily. I knew that having a community around you would allow you to experience and grow so much more. Now almost two years later the community continues to grow and the support is incredible. The community is very diverse as well because the benefits of floating are so immense. Whether you float to relax, float for better sleep, float for muscle recovery (athletes) or float for pain or anxiety there is a place for you at the spa.

Can you tell us a little about what to expect when we come to Clear Float Spa, especially for those people that are new to the float experience.

Upon arrival you are greeted by our approachable and passionate staff to walk you through the experience of floating. You then get to pick your music and post float tea or kombucha before heading in for an hour of pure bliss and relaxation. While floating our staff write a personalized message to each floater which is left with your drink post float. We want you to feel special and always take the time to write something that will resonate with you personally.

Post float we encourage a no rush type of atmosphere by offering a space to relax in our Zen Room. Here you can enjoy your post float drink, engage in conversations with other floaters, read (or sign out) a book from our community library, or get creative by journaling, colouring or writing/drawing on our walls. It is our goal to take away all the stresses of your day to day life and offer a place for you to heal, recover and explore the mind.

There is a great connection between yoga and floats! I know a lot of yogi’s come through your doors. What is it about floats that leaves us feeling so zen?

Yes, we sure do have a ton of yogis that come through! A floating session is similar to a yoga routine in the way it connects your body and mind, creating profound relaxation throughout your system which in turn provides your brain the conditions it needs to enter a more focused state of consciousness. Yoga and floating go-hand-in-hand for a more balanced life.

Essentially the zen feeling comes because floating is scientifically designed to put you into a meditative state. Because there is no external stimuli and the water is heated to skin temperature your body naturally activates it’s parasympathetic system which restricts the amount of cortisol (a stress chemical) in your system and stimulates the production of endorphins and dopamine (happiness chemicals) which are the chemicals that leave people with the feelings of euphoria and intense relaxation. In addition there is increased circulation in the body, increased intake of magnesium (helps regulate sleep patterns and regulates over 325 enzymes) that allows you to fully rest and reset your body.

Speaking of zen, a unique part of your space is the Zen space. People have an opportunity to sit, sip tea, and share. I know this was a big part of the inspiration when you created the space. Can you tell us a little more about it and perhaps one or two of your favourite messages that have been left.

The zen room is one of our favorite parts of the float experience. It is a place for strangers to connect, friends to share experiences and for some just to sit in silence and extend their “post float glow”. It is a place that can help stimulate creativity, we painted all the walls with a material that allows you to write or draw anything that inspires you. If you aren’t feeling inspired then you can just sit back and enjoy all the beautiful art and inspirational quotes left on the walls. We have a post float journal for floaters to share their experiences and one of the coolest aspects is our community library. We have over 250 spiritual, yoga and growth related books that are totally free to check out. You just bring the book up to the front desk to check it out.

Wow… I am not sure I could narrow down my favourites to just two but I can tell you that many floaters have significant changes in their own lives after adopting a consistent float practice. Here is a recent journal entry in our community journal from a new member.

“Today was my second float. Likely the most self actualizing experience of my life. Grateful to read so many beautiful thoughts and entries. So I thought I’d share mind: you’re home, you’re always home, and if you ever forget you can always come back home. Namaste.” -LM


Namaste Bryce for creating such an incredible space in the community. What a gift.

Free Yoga: Bring in your receipt from Clear Float Spa and receive one free class at Yoga Santosha from March 1-31*

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