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December 5, 2019
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Spending Time with Jill Dalsin


Spending Time with Jill Dalsin

DECEMBER 5, 2019

Spending Time with Jill Dalsin

Jill took Santosha’s teacher training in 2016 and had a strong ability to teach from the start. Fast forward to a handful of months ago when I took her class at the studio. She had been asked to sub. It was a sacred treat to be her student.

The words that flowed from her mouth both captivated and grounded me. I kept thinking how is she this wise about so many things? The cues, the direction, the space between the words, the philosophy, her energy, her voice, the cadence, the sequence were all incredible. I was moved.
Needless to say, I know Jill has so much to share with us and we are so happy to welcome her to the regular teaching roster. I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to take in one of her classes soon.
Learn a little more about Jill below and meet her on your mat at the Santosha Mission studio Wednesdays 6:15 AM & 8:45 PM, as well as at the Santosha Kensington studio Saturdays 6:00 PM. While Lauren Dodds is taking time with her new baby, Jill is also covering both the 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM class on Sundays at Mission.

When did you first find yoga? Or how did it find you?

In 2012, I incurred a severe knee injury where I tore my ACL and both of my menisci. Post-surgery, I began going to the yoga classes at the gym where I regularly had physiotherapy and rehabilitation, craving any kind of movement I could manage. Gentle but potent to begin with, I fell in love with the practice for the wholistic healing of body, mind, and spirit it began to provide (not without a LOT of resistance and difficulty along the way!) I had an inexplicable feeling that I just needed to continue curiously down the path of yoga as it unfolded in front of me.

What trainings have you taken?

In 2016, I took my 200hr teacher training at Yoga Santosha. Santosha felt like my second home after practicing there for 3 years, and when the opportunity came up to apply, it was just a clear “yes”; stepping into a deeper understanding of the practice and deeper connection with the community that had already made me feel at home. I’ve had the privilege to be on the Santosha Karma Teacher team over the last few years since then!
In 2017, I took the Define Yoga 50hr meditation teacher training. This was a key turning point into committing to a daily meditation practice. More than any part of my practice, meditation has had the most noticeable effect on my daily life and relationships.
In 2018 I ventured into becoming an adjuster through the adjuster’s program at Bodhi Tree/Yoga Santosha. It definitely helped boost my confidence moving around a room, cueing through alignment in postures, and giving some hands-on love, while being able to hold a safe space for students.

What obstacles has yoga helped you to overcome?

All of them 😉 Physical, mental, emotional, existential, spiritual… you name it.

What advice would you give to your younger self? What words of wisdom would you impart?

If I had the opportunity to speak to my younger self, I wouldn’t. Allowing myself to stumble and fail to find deep trust and knowing within has been a big part of the path so far, and I think Past Jill needs to realize those secrets on her own!

How do you bring your practice off your mat into your daily life?

It’s difficult for me to really separate practice on and off the mat. Yoga has shifted the way I move through life in general, and the practices have become ones that support my ability to meet each moment with as much present awareness and connection as I can, which is happening constantly – whether in a class moving on to the next pose, or engaging in difficult conversations, or just buying groceries. Another large part of the practice for me comes from being in service to my human community, animals, and mother nature. My most recent adventures have opened me to the worlds of permaculture and herbalism, and I’m excited to dive further into these “off the mat” practices.

Favourite indulgence.

Bring on the potato chips.

Share something we might not know about you.

I was a competitive tap dancer for 12 years!