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Path to Teaching

Yoga Santosha Blog Santosha Student Lynn Marshall

Path to Teaching

MAY 14, 2018

Path to Teaching

Believing in your voice, in your practice, in your wisdom can be HARD.
Stepping onto your mat to share this with others can seem daunting. The truth is that many of us didn’t feel ready when we started the journey, but there was a calling. The calling might have been loud and clear or soft and muddy. It might have come from within or been directed from the outside.
There are so many ways that we arrive to the seat of a teacher.

Lynn Marshall shares her journey.

My journey.
10 years ago, yoga was not a daily part of my life.
In fact, I never really expected it to be.
A shift occurred in me when I began to practice yoga regularly. One day, while talking with a teacher who’s classes I adored, she suggested I take Yoga Teacher Training. I immediately responded saying I had a lot of practicing to do before I would be ready for something like that, besides I already had a job.

I didn’t see it then. I didn’t see the stories we tell ourselves. Our excuses, our judgements, our beliefs that run so deep. The obstacles that I allowed to limit me.

In March of 2017, I completed my 200hr YTT. In October of 2017, I completed my 50hr Yin YTT .

Both of my trainings were completed at Yoga Santosha.
I truly believe that taking my Yoga Teacher Trainings, created some of the most profound shifts I have experienced in my life.

The studio, the teachers and my fellow yoginis provided me a safe place to further explore and learn this beautiful practice. I learned to accept my vulnerability without fear.
I learned to connect with all aspects of my life, not just in yoga.

But most of all over the past 250 hours of training, countless hours practicing, studying and living these principles, I’ve learned to listen.

To listen to myself and to trust.
To listen to my body, when and how it speaks.
To listen to my mind, but with understanding that the thoughts do not define me.
That our thoughts, as with sensations in our body will come and go. I’ve learned there is a wisdom within me that guides me to a deep wealth of information it has to share.

I have felt the beauty, the balance and the gifts yoga has to offer. The benefits of my YTT, have been received both on and off the mat.

It is a path, guiding me.
I am now drawn to follow and share this message with others. I am a teacher. I understand that there is a yoga for every body, every mind, every person.
No matter what stories we tell ourselves.
Today I cannot imagine a life without yoga.

Lynne Marshall
Sacred Self Yoga