Boosting Positivity and Mental Health: How Yoga and Meditation Can Help
Boosting Positivity and Mental Health
September 19, 2018
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October 11, 2018

Spending Time with Jordan Hoover

Yoga Santosha Blog Spending Time with Jordan Hoover

Spending Time with Jordan Hoover

OCTOBER 3, 2018

Spending Time with Jordan Hoover

There is an ease and a steadiness that Jordan exudes. Being in his presence reminds me to slow down, to sit back, to take it all in, and to know that it’s all good. He’s real and he’s inspiring and he emanates that. We are grateful to have Jordan sharing his truths and his wisdom at both studio locations on a regular basis.

Learn a little more about Jordan below and meet him on your mat at Yoga Santosha Mission Monday’s @4:30 pm, Thursday’s @9:30 am, & Sunday’s @7:30 pm. He’s at Yoga Santosha Kensington Tuesday’s @4:30 pm, Thursday’s @8:00 pm, and Saturday’s @10:00 am.

How did you first find yoga?

Before I attended my first 3 month training in Thailand, I was studying herbal medicine at the Wild Rose School of Natural healing. That school sparked my interest in mind body work. A friend I was attending that school with mentioned she was interested in taking a yoga training in Thailand and that I should look into it as well. The school spoke a lot about the Nature of Energy, Mind, and Awareness. Those are topics that continue to fuel my curiosity. I had actually never attended a yoga class before I went to my first training.

Why do you teach yoga?

Well, I practice yoga to understand my Self as clearly as I can. If you think of the feeling of understanding something, it typically gives rise to a state that feels Free from misunderstanding and confusion. That clarity of understanding and freedom yields a fulfilling and meaningful interaction with all other relationships in my life. I see a lot of people wanting to live a full and meaningful life and I think some insights and practices in yoga and meditation can help greatly with that.

What obstacles has yoga helped you to overcome?

Life’s obstacles are constant. I have come to embrace that. In embracing that and staying consistent with my practice, especially quieter mental and emotional practices, natural effective responses are easier to access.

What advice would you give to your younger self? What words of wisdom would you impart?

Figure out tools for HOW to think effectively, rather than WHAT to think.

How do you bring your practice off your mat into your daily life?

A significant part of my personal practice is seated meditation. This practice gets me to willingly sit with and confront whatever is arising in my experience. A lot of excess struggle comes from gripping too tightly to a pleasant experience that is going to fade and/or avoiding an unpleasant experience that is also going to fade. I sit into both pleasant and unpleasant experiences completely and observe them rising and falling. What then comes through is a deep existent love, awe, and wonder of just simply being alive. I feel deeply fulfilled and connected to where I am at and what I am doing by the end of my practice. I then do the best I can to take intelligent action in whatever circumstance I am in.

Share something we might not know about you.

I grew up playing hockey at a relatively high level. And I enjoy watching all kinds of martial arts and combat sports.

Share with us your favorite quote?

“So the primary purpose of spiritual practice is to destabilize deep seated, skewed mental constructs about yourself, constructs that you also project onto others in your life. These visions of Reality are not in alignment with the Truth and therefore debilitating you. The process of undermining false views through practice continues until they are seen for what they are and begin to fall away. When your obscuring mental constructs begin to fall away, you see yourself as you really are: a free being of blissful consciousness, playing with your power of intent, understanding, and action.”

Christopher D. Wallis