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Student Feature: Rudy Ruberto

Student Feature: Rudy Ruberto

Student Feature: Rudy Ruberto

AUGUST 2, 2019

Student Feature: Rudy Ruberto

There is something about Rudy. He radiates a kindness. A smile grows bigger and wider when I encounter him at the studio. I remember that I am seen and that we are all connected. Rudy is a dedicated Yogi and has been with the Yoga Santosha community for close to a year.

Getting to know him has been so sweet and we feel such gratitude that he has chosen us for his home studio. He shared with us his journey through our doors and how hard it can be to show up on his mat. Maybe you can relate? I know I can. Rudy knows that to give his best self to the world a regular yoga practice creates a significant shift.

Rudy, how did you first find yoga?

I read a book on increasing productivity through managing energy levels with routine & balance. I thought building a regular yoga routine would help provide much needed physical, spiritual and mental balance for myself. I want to give my best self to the world and a regular yoga practice is helping me do this.

What does yoga mean to you?

It means a pause in my day where I show myself that I am important to me.

How long have you been part of the Santosha community and how did you come to be a part of it? And why us?

I’ve been part of the Santosha community for 9 months. I searched online and evaluated many studios and classes. The fact that there are 2 locations with a multitude of classes meant I could almost always find an interesting class to fit into my daily routine.

Favorite part of a yoga class?

Stepping through the studio doors and disconnecting from the outside world. I also enjoy the philosophical aspect, gaining wisdom and insight through practice on the mat.

Hardest part of a yoga class?

Walking through the doors.

Funniest/ perhaps most embarrassing moment in a yoga class?

Practicing with my eyes closed then realizing I was in the wrong pose.

How has yoga guided/healed/opened your world off the mat?

Yoga has given me the balance in life I desired. I’ve noticed an increase in my work productivity, energy levels, physical flexibility and ability to deal with stressful situations. It’s given me the strength to perceive in adversity and the insight that the world is always changing.

Hardest part of showing up on your mat/and or advice to us all in how to keep showing up.

In all seriousness the toughest part is leaving my home or office. Once I lock the door the rest is easy, I show up to class and follow instruction.

What does Santosha mean to you?

Community, safety, growth, positivity, friendship.

Suggestions on how to grow into our community for those that might be new to it?

Build a routine, show up to the same classes, talk to your classmates, come to the movie night!

Thank you to all those involved in making Yoga Santosha the special place it is. I really appreciate your hard work, what you do for your students and how that positively contributes to the community we live in.

We so appreciate you Rudy. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being a part of the Santosha family.