Curran Watts


I have been teaching various styles of yoga since 2008, shortly after I completed my one and only teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Since then, I have assisted and taught at several retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings in many areas, focusing on alignment, meditation, and philosophy.
Before teaching yoga, I worked in the commercial sector as a project manager. I also hold a degree in philosophy from the University of Victoria and a certificate in film studies from the Vancouver Film School.
Philosophy being a passion of mine, I view yoga practice not only as a tool for maintaining physical health and fitness but also as a method for self-reflection and self-inquiry.
My experience is that the work we do with our physical bodies in yoga postures can also significantly impact how we see ourselves and the world around us. So in my classes, I try to build strong and mindful sequences that highlight and combine these two unique qualities of yoga.
In my spare time, I moonlight as an impeccably perfect husband, father to two beautiful children, writer of partially completed and unpublished fiction, and freelance copywriter.