Jenny Hutton

My journey with Yoga Santosha began in 2016 when I completed my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre (BYC) in Kensington. This was shortly followed by completing an adjuster training course at BYC and being a part of their team until winter 2019. During that time, Yoga Santosha purchased BYC and it became Yoga Santosha Kensington.

In 2019 I lived in Berlin for just over 6 months before returning to Calgary and working as a Kinesiologist, a Disability Case Manager and managed a local fitness studio! Through all my employment moves, I was seeking a sense of belonging and a space where I could be authentically myself.
Last May I decided to return to Santosha’s Kensington location after a 3 year break from practicing in studio. I walked into the studio and was immediately recognized by Alë Veffer who I hadn’t seen in years! Being seen and acknowledged by a teacher who made an impact on me made me feel such a sense of comfort returning to the space. I felt tearful walking down the halls of the studio and knew that I’d made the right choice to return!
That same day in May 2023, I signed up for Santosha’s 2024 YTT and reached out to the studio to see if they needed help on their front desk team. The timing ended up being perfect as they needed part-time coverage and I was more than happy to help!
Since then, my role has been slowly growing with Santosha until I was offered the position of Studio Manager on December 31, 2023!
I am grateful for the journey that has led me to be a caretaker of Yoga Santosha and the beautiful community that it holds. I am thankful to be a part of Santosha’s management team and aspire to one day join the teaching team as well! I look forward to getting to know our community a little more with each passing day.