Christina Marlett

For over 20 years, Christina tried to love yoga. She did every style she could find, but she didn’t feel like the classes were doing what she thought yoga would do – plus she kept getting injured – even in prenatal yoga!

She finally breathed a huge (ujjayi-type) sigh of relief when she discovered Body Awake Yoga™, created by Dr. Sue Morter. “This is what yoga is supposed to feel like!” she thought to herself.
Christina fell so deeply in love with Body Awake Yoga™ that she knew she had to get certified to teach it; it was just too good to keep to herself. Not only did she heal all sorts of injuries on the mat, she also found benefits she never imagined like increased confidence, a better ability to speak up for herself and more inner peace.
No matter what style of class Christina teaches, she incorporates Body Awake Yoga™ principles that help to awaken the life force and healer within. You’ll find that it improves your life both on and off the mat in expected and unexpected ways.