Jordan Hoover

As a student of Yoga I do my best at this point in time to refine my understanding of the philosophy and practical application of physical and mental techniques in a way that is relatable and understandable.

The sheer fact that Yoga is still being practiced, understood and utilized in our modern age shows the potency and significance of the information and techniques that are offered through this system of Self Understanding.
The process of Yoga to me and aligned with the tradition of this contemplative practice, is a method by which I am practicing quite consistently. With physical postures and breathing practices to feel healthy and comfortable in my body and contemplation and Meditation practices of consistently observing and focusing on my body breath and senses to unravel and open a state of mind that is clear, stable and content within my direct environment. In doing so comes a more constant accessible state of discernment to support clear decision making, creative potential and expression as well as a grounded state of internal acceptance, fulfillment and freedom that is available and accessible to embody more consistently in the midst of life’s natural highs and lows.