Lisa Tierney


My dance with yoga began when my yogi sister suggested we try an ashtanga class. I loved how physical it was. At the time all I cared about was a fitter body and being the best. The best meant being flexible and strong in my physical body. Oh sweet, unknowing ego.

It didn’t take long before I injured myself. So, I stopped practising, cursed a few times, went to physio and rolled up my mat.
A few years later with a different intention I rolled out a new mat. This time I wanted something deeper. I was watching my father leave this world and I needed some grounding. There must have been a whisper of more from before. This time I came to the mat humble and hopeful. This time I came to learn to let go. I came to stop, to be in the moment, and to breathe. I came to find peace and a deeper understanding of myself. Mind, body and soul. Sweet gift. Slow bloom.
In 2009 I took my teacher training with Rameen Peyrow and became a certified ashtanga Instructor. I was in love. In 2011 I went to Rishikesh, India, and completed my 500 hr level training with the World Conscious Yoga family under the guidance of Yogi Vishveketu. I have now had the sweet gift of practising and teaching in several different countries and my gratitude for the practice continues to grow and expand, as does my knowledge.
Now I come to my mat and I surrender my beliefs about myself. I surrender my thoughts. I attempt to be in the moment. I attempt to breathe deeply and move mindfully. I accept where I am at. Today. I accept what my body tells me. Impermanence. I observe. It is from this place I find my pose. I breathe in and look for expansion. I breathe out and find depth. Yoga is my guide. Each time I show up on my mat I learn. The depth is from the inside out. The poses have become my gateway to limitless growth and understanding.
So much gentler this time around. I want to share this expansion, this gift of getting to know oneself. Not too many years ago I would never have believed that breath, poses and awareness could do so much. Until you really experience it for yourself, how do you ever really know? Truly, I want everyone to know.
May we grow together.