Maggie Hull

The decision to become a yogi wasn’t one that I consciously made but rather one that unfolded through a series of life events and well planned timing (thanks Universe).

Cliche as it may be, my practice began as a means to escape, and an attempt to mend, a very broken heart. While I have come to discover that yoga is much more than poses placed skillfully on a mat, it was this physical practice that gave me refuge. At a time in my life when nothing seemed to make sense, yoga did.
The initial step into my first YTT was one fuelled by a longing for something more. I am forever grateful to Rob Walker at the Alberta Yoga College for instilling a sense of curiosity in me and for allowing me to explore the transition from a student to both a student and teacher of yoga. Since graduating from the College I have been incredibly blessed to mentor daily under the gaze of my most cherished yoga teacher Tamara Terry.
Most recently I have completed my 300 RYT with Kate Mak at the Mynah school of yoga. In my classes I aim to weave the physical practice with music, laughter, mindfulness, and most importantly, love. I will challenge you to move through the asana practice skillfully and ask that you trust yourself enough to move from a place of intention rather than one of habit. From one yogi to another, I would be honoured and delighted to share my practice with you.
Oh tender heart, oh sweet
and unsettled soul, patience,
patience indeed. Long has there lived
an aching inside, a throbbing
dull and constant, a pull to
all that comes after this,
across the darker waters,
the beauty beyond.
It will come, and you to it,
and the heaving of the hull
of you will settle;
you will sail.
— Tyler Knott Gregson
Instagram: magshull