Jill Dalsin


Growing up a competitive dancer and basketball player, I always had a drive for intense physicality. Humbled bya knee injury in 2012, and unable to resume my usual activities, I began going to the yoga classes at the gym where I had physiotherapy.

It felt REALLY good. My curiosity spiralled, and over time I got more and more interested in the subtle yogic practices, at first as a way to cope with post-surgery pain, then my autoimmune disease which I was diagnosed with, and then how to control my mind and body’s reactivity during longer tattoo sessions (I know that last point sounds weird, but it really kicked off my meditation practice!)
In 2016,I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Santosha. My interest in meditation piqued, and in 2017 I went on to complete a 50 hour Meditation Teacher Training at Define Yoga. Then my meditation and self-reflection practices really took off, allowing my values to become a little more clear… my intentions moving forward turned more towards cultivating a life where I could truthfully act from this clarity within.
In 2018 I was laid off from my corporate job as a geophysicist, and I was so glad that I had a steady yoga practice to see the situation as it as it really was… a blessing. I left geophysics with no plan to return, and instead have been spending time letting go of my previous beliefs of “perceived control and stability,” while opening myself to a vast array of opportunities that feel like a clear yes!
Yoga continues to transform my perspective on life, and is the practice that keeps me centered, creative, and playful. It’s my goal to hold space for students to cultivate awareness and be curious about their bodies, minds, and limitless potential, all while not taking it all too seriously!