Meno Oba

Yoga started out to be something new to try in 2007. As I attended more classes, I soon realized that this will be a part of my life rather than a fleeting fancy. Yoga became a source of rejuvenation and a path to find myself.

I found the physical benefits were undeniable. Having had issues with my back before my introduction to yoga, I’ve found through diligent practice that it has subsided. Also, it mentally strengthened me. My focus within and without had been greatly improved. It allowed me to be more aware of my body, my thinking and my emotions. The practice of meditation and finding those quiet moments have brought peace within me. People who have known me before yoga have said that they can see this change. At the beginning, yoga was just another form of exercise that I wanted to tackle but it has meant far more to me than I could have envisioned – it has become part of who I am.