Sara Sadeghi

Namaste from my heart to your heart,

Sara started her yoga journey at the age of 22 when she got a job at a Yoga Magazine. She was working as a translator and after one year of working they asked her to interpret the Yoga Teachers training Courses in India, so she did her first Training in Yoga in 2012 in order to be ready for interpreting.

After her first training she completely changed her point of view toward life changed, she became more patient and more energetic. She used to work at the office for 8-9 hours and then teach two yoga classes back to back.
Working 12 hours in a day was her happiest time ever and she owes it to yoga. Because of yoga she was able to focus better on her job at the office and enjoy the company of her students afterwards, she loved to see how they feel happy and smiling after the class.
She did her second teacher training in 2017 and last one in 2018. All her trainings happened in India both in Sivananda Ashram and SVYASA University, and she recently finished her Pranic Healing courses as a way of get healed and heal others through purification and meditation.
She teaches Sivananda Yoga (Classical Hatha Yoga), combined with some stress relief postures and rhythmic postures.