Yoga Santosha Class Yin Yang

Yin/Yang - Yang/Yin


Yin/Yang navigates between mindful stillness and fluid movement.

Yin is a therapeutic class with meditative qualities that encourages healing. A more active, dynamic yang style of vinyasa follows, strengthening and invigorating the body and mind with a combination of movement and postures that bring strength, flexibility and balance to your practice.
Yin/Yang or Yang/Yin is an ideal class for students seeking ease of muscle tension through dynamic movement and breath, and deeper openings facilitated by static, timely stretching.
Element: Water (Jala)
Water gives the power of reflection. Unlike fire which destroys, water takes the shape of whichever contain it occupies. On a river bed, water flows and ripples, while in a pond, water stays perfectly placid. Flow/Yin envisions the body as vessel for the current of the mind.The mind, like water follows the body in rhythmic movements, and then eases into calm and steadiness.